Hello, my name is Jacek and I'm designing Android homescreens using KLWP - Kustom Live Wallpaper.

Currently there are 3 packs avalaible: YKP 1, 2 and 3.

Check them out:


In order to apply any of my presets (actually any preset out there) you need to have the Pro version of KLWP app.

Each of my preset is unique and has its own features. Sometimes it requires specific setup of your launcher and inside the KLWP app itself. Please carefully read descriptions of the presets in order to apply and use them properly.


The main idea behind all my designs is to use the potential of the KLWP app - the ANIMATIONS. So each of my preset is living in its own way, sometime it will be some subtle loop movement, sometimes gyroscope triggered, and sometimes...

Just take a look HERE

Why not one app?

When I started to release my presets I've done it totally different way then now. Few presets were free and some were paid. At some point I thought it's not fair (and not easy too) to take money for every preset, so I decided to release something like subscription. You pay once and you will constantly get updates through one app. That's how YKP was born. BUT after some time users started to complain that the pack is to heavy, it reached 100 MB. So I made a poll, went through all the possible solutions back then and decided to strip every pack to 40 presets. And that's how the way it is since few years.